Thursday, August 19, 2010

The day my lens died: Cape St Francis Lighthouse

Minutes after taking these pictures, I discovered that the autofocus on my 50mm lens was malfunctioning. Lens has since been sent in for repairs (fault was due to the fact that the kids dropped the camera, but I'm not getting into that!) and they are able to repair it. But like all things photography related, it's doesn't come cheap. Let's hope it works properly when I finally have it back!


Perry said...

Great light house! Sorry about the lens though. My 50/1.4 was dropped by my wife once. It works fine but it is not exactly the same as it was.

Firefly said...

Camaras are such wonderful companions till you have to fix them, then they cost so much. LOL> I have lots of Cape St Francis lighthouse pics. Its such a great spot wit so many possibilities.