Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Joubert turns six

So Joubert turned six last week, which not only means that he is getting scary big, but also that I am getting scary old (-;
After paging through my birthday cake recipe books, Joubert decided that he wanted a pirate party which is such a fun theme and I thoroughly enjoyed planning for it! The party was a great success with all the usual party treats, a pinata, jumping castle and Henk even agreed to dust off his old chest of tricks (he used to earn extra money by performing tricks at parties and restuarants when he was still studying) to entertain the boys. I must just add though that I had no idea 15 little boys could be quite that exhausing to supervise!!! Good grief, by the time the party ended Henk and I were both dead on our feet! But we had one very happy little boy, which makes it all more than worth it.


Firefly said...

You really went all out with the pirate theme. Looks like a great party, but 15 boys? You guys were brave.
Happy birthday to Joubert.

Ronél Loubser said...

Sjoe, kan ek jou en Henk huur. Klink of julle baie pret gehad het. Roche verjaar November en ons dink aan 2 partytjies. Een vir die skoolmaatjies en een vir die buite skool maatjies en familie. Anders moet ek 30 entertain - sien na daarvoor kans. Jou tema en koek lyk stunning. Bly my 2 verjaar nie so naby mekaar nie.