Sunday, October 25, 2009

Zurich: Part One

Rennette and I spent hours just walking through the streets of Zurich with our cameras. In my younger days I used to devour the guide books on the places I visited and then was sure to visit all the recommended monuments, churches and museums. This time around I didn't even open a guide book and far more enjoyed walking through the streets, soaking up the atmosphere and culture, while studying everything, from big buildings to small keyholes. Here are a few images, trying to capture the "big picture".


Marka said...

The tables and chairs on the cobblestone sidewalk look like they'd be a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the ebb and flow of humanity moving by.

Firefly said...

Some of these pictures are mind blowing. Zurich seems to be a beautiful city and not the zucky kind like a lot of big cities can be. I am so looking forward to see more.