Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moving at snail's pace

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Jeanette said...

Very cool macros!

Ann said...

Cool Snail shots...the damage they have done this year in my garden is unbelievable :0(.
Great detail on these images, difficult little devils to photograph, it seems the slightest movement and they go into their shell.

Anonymous said...


Firefly said...

Great set of snails. The fact that you photographed him on the green grass makes him stand out nicely. I took some snail pics some time ago and posted them, but mine was on a white rock and the picture looked very light. Your have great clarity.

Lisa said...

Those are too cool. I did WW of them vermin about 2 months ago because they were eating my plants alive LOL Not because I liked them.

Great macros though.

Barb said...

Fantastic shots!

Doesn't seem possible that such a little creature can cause so much damage!