Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekly Winners: 26 October - 1 November

Taking a ride with mom

Superman cupcakes

Colour delight

One year old today

What do you mean, I can't do what I want?

Relief in a cup

Splattered with paint

Waiting in vain

Is that a shark I see?

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Jeanette said...

Oh wow Karin!!
Did you make those cupcakes? They're spectacular!
As for the other photos, I love the one of the 1yo, and the first photo is soo special

Firefly said...

Aren't those Superman cupcakes?
I love the expression on the little girl's face in the last pic.

SJ said...

Such stunning photos! Great job.

Desi said...

oooh! Luuuuuuurve the superman cupcakes one.

very nice!

Ann said...

just brilliant Karin, particularly like the cup of coffee and no 1 is just so beautiful a real treasure and a different slant on traditional baby photography very contemporary, I love it :-)

connie said...

All great shots this week! ♥ the one year old today one~super cute! Those cupcakes are awesome! And, I ♥ the perspective on the 1st one.

BlouKous said...

Well, pleased to see you're still as friggin fantastic as always. Really like hitching a ride with mom, but the colours in "waiting in vain" is simply scrumptious. They are ALL great!

Vicky said...

I love them all! My favorite was the first, Taking a ride with mom. So sweet.

Perry said...

Now there is some color! We all LOVE color!!

Sarcastic Mom said...

Great shots!
And now I want some cupcakes. ;-)

Corina the Down to Earth Mama said...

Oh WOW! Great shots. I am loving all of them!

Lisa said...

One day you will have pictures that don't reference paint lol It will get done, promise.

I love the first one, hell all of them. And the Superman cupcakes look fabulous.