Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekly Winners: 14 - 20 December



Careful steps

Along came a SPIDER...

Look what I've got!

Lonesome toy

Tree decorations

A boy and his dog

Those eyes


Jeanette said...

Oh brilliant!! I love the first one with Emma swinging!

Secret Agent Mama said...

I always love seeing your work, Karin!

connie said...

All great pics this week! My faves are the 1st 3 & tree decorations.

Lisa said...

Gorgeous! I love them all but the spider I could do without lol

Marcelle said...

Love all the photo's - have been trying to photography my Xmas decorations, but they blur!!! so well done on yours.

Perry said...

Very good group of photos for sure. I love the last one, Those Eyes! Composition, conversion, subject all spot on!

Anonymous said...

Just love that last one. So striking!