Monday, March 16, 2009

Eyes that see better through glasses

It's hard for me to see my boy with glasses. This beautiful, perfect little creature now needs something additional to our love and support to keep him on the right developmental track. I was called in by his teacher at school who recommended that I have his eyes tested because of a few things she picked up in class. I was actually quite surprised, I never even suspected that he has problems with his vision. Thank goodness for wonderful teachers!
He is quite impressed with his new glasses - off course the fact that the frame is branded with a little Batman sign helped a lot! I'm very relieved that he is so excited, rather than being upset about being the only boy in class with glasses.
I actually thinks he looks quite handsome - a real little professor!
Children - they will break you heart every time.


Jeanette said...

what a fabulous teacher to pick the problem up! He looks very grown up!

Briony said...

i love these! when i was a kid i always wanted to wear glasses...but i have pretty good vision so i just bought empty frames :)

Firefly said...

Here in PE most schools as parents to take their kids for eye and ear tests when they go to grade 1. We were quite glad when Dylan passed both, but friends of ours have found out that their daughter only has 20% hearing in her one ear. They have never even realised that up to then. She is now getting an hearing aid to help her.

I think his glasses are quite cool. Its time for me to go and have my eyes tested again for new glasses. Lost mine a couple of months ago and hasn't had a chance to replace them.

Ronél Loubser said...

Hy lyk baie oulik en wonderlik dat hulle dit agtergekom het. My seuntjie sukkel van babatjie dae met sy ore - nie gehoor, maar dit het 'n invloed op sy balans en hom 'n agterstand gegee met motoriese ontwikkeling. Anyway met ekstra klasse is meeste darem nou uitgesorteer. Groete

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

those are pretty sweet glasses