Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Since everyone else seems to be at it...

I don't really like promoting myself, but here goes anyway. If you like my blog, please be so kind and take the time to nominate me for the 2009 SA Blog Awards. It will make me happy!

nominate this blog

In case you need some ideas for other blogs to nominate, here are a few suggestions:

Best Photographic blog: The Firefly Photo Files
Best Travel Blog: Cape Town Daily Photo
Best Personal Blog: Pia's Portal
Best Overseas SA Blog: My Life Without Me

Thank you and run along and nominate!


Firefly said...

Done and dusted. Wouldn't it be nice if we all could sit together at the same table at the awards ceremony and have all our winning trophies on the table. It could happen you know. No realy, it could.

Your Photo Tips said...

Good luck. You do a great job here.


Jeanette said...

Done! I had you on my list :)

dan&lou said...

Voted. Good luck!