Monday, August 25, 2008

House decorations

I'm really enjoying the close-up photography and find myself seeing the world in an entirely new light - or maybe I should say from a different view? Suddenly little things that I never paid much attention to, present themselves as interesting subjects to aim my lens at. So today's collection consists of some of my favourite things in my home (from up close).

Moroccan tea tray

Photo frame

Seeing as I'm somewhat obsessed with photographs (what a surprise) my house is crammed with photo frames. I even have framed photographs hidden away in drawers as I have run out of space to display them all! This frame is one of my favourites and hosts an image of me and Emma when she was about 4 months old.

Detail on side table

Does one call this a handle? (an honest question, I really don't know!)

For my 30th birthday my husband bought me this beautiful dressing table at an antique store. Its still my favourite piece of furniture in our house!
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BlouKous said...

Fantabulous! I daresay that now you have to teach ME a thing or 2 for a change. "handle" thingy (also have no idea) is def my favorite with the warm colors and composition

angie said...

I LOVE all of these up close views. You are a great photographer!

Jenty said...

Oh how beautiful!! I love the colours you managed to get out of the photos, if I take shots of furniture they always look so flat.

Firefly said...

Maybe I need to get up close and personal with some objects around the house. I may just find a couple of interesting subjects to photograph as well.

Ann said...

Gorgeous shots, close ups offer a really different perspective on all sorts of familiar objects, what lens are you using for these shots. I would say handle for the drawer thingy :-)

Perry said...

Great mix of photos, great study of household/antique macros! I like the dish drawer pull the best

Rebecca said...

That tea tray shot is excellent. Nice work!