Monday, August 18, 2008

Moody Monday

None of the pics I took today worked - in fact they were a total disaster! So, to put me in my place, I decided to post two pics my husband took earlier this year. We are moving to Somerset-West near Cape Town in November (I can't wait!) and took a trip down there in May to have a good look around. My husband took Joubert up Table Mountain on the cable car - I wouldn't go because I'm too much of a sissy and scared of heights. The view from up there is spectacular and I was sooooo jealous when I saw the pictures.

Cable car coming down the mountain

View from the top

These two pics I took on the same trip. Had to focus my attention closer to the ground.... that's what you get for being a ninny!

Tracks on the beach

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Ann said...

I know the feeling of a memory card full useless shots, its soul destroying, it does my heart good to know I am not alone :-). I took loads yesterday and some are so soft they are rubbish all of them were of our 2012 olympic rowers training. arrrgghh!!! but your posts today are lovely, so alls not lost.

Perry said...

Ann is correct, we *ALL* know that feeling. Want to know what is worse than one card full of bad shots? Two cards! :-) At any rate, your ninny shots are excellent. When I see a place like this I never visualize what there is in the shot to take. I would have walked right past the steps or tracks without a thought.

iVegasFamily said...

Your photography is amazing. You have remarkable talent.