Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taking a walk down the street

I took a short walk down the street this afternoon - had not even gone half a block and already I took 54 pictures! These are the ones I liked the most (and the ones that sort of fit together).

Delicate flower

Autumn leaves at the end of winter?

Lavender flower

A weed can also be beautiful
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Firefly said...

A very nice set of pics. I have to do what you did more often and just walk with my camera looking for small stuff to photograph. I think I spend too much time looking for the big stuff and not enough time seeing the small.

Ann said...

Great set of pics, its amazing what you can find right on you doorstep, I think it makes us more creative, and you certainly view things in a different way with a camera in your hand it makes you really look in detail at your surroundings. Well done.

MamaGeek said...

These are seriously stunning photos. So crisp and vibrant. Isn't it funny how weeds can make the most interesting shots?

that girl said...

I am partial to the one entitled "delicate flower" as I love may be a weed, or small wild daisy but the white and yellow, ah, is simply beautiful.

Perry said...

Very nice set of photos. I like the first one best. Don't you love it when the creativity just flows when you have a subject you connect with?!

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Jenty said...

I love that first shot!