Friday, January 9, 2009

Photostory Friday and passed out

PhotoStory Friday
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For the first time in many years, we stayed home for the December holidays and invited both our families to spend time with us at our new home instead. Our first visitors arrived on the 15th December and the last ones left yesterday. We had an absolutely awesome time, entertaining and spending time with all of our loved ones. When the realisation set in that we were alone again for the first time in almost a month, we felt slightly depressed and wondered how we would fill our time. Shortly thereafter we also realised that we were exhausted! So after going to bed at midnight (at the earliest) for 26 days, we were all in bed by 9:30 last night.

And so life is back to the way that it used to be, with just the four of us. Oh, but how I miss everyone! Please come again soon!

Passed out


Ann said...

Oh I know how you feel, I feel very odd, after flying home yesterday, leaving Sophie with her little family in the U.S, I wept at all the airports, on the planes, etc, but we had a sunshiney Christmas, 80 degrees bloomin fantastic, with them and now I am back home, back to reality and missing them soooo much ( thank God for Skype). Well thats enough of the whiney me ....I love your shot of Emma, fantastic angle. Happy New Year from me x

Corey~living and loving said...

oh my! I could not imagine entertaining for that long. eeekkk....sounds like you loved it though.
darling photo. as are your other photos here.
Happy PSF!

Jeanette said...

How exhausting, I'm sure you're tired now! But i can imagine how you're missing them.
There's a CT Flickr group that meets up every now and then if you're interested, and there are loads of meetups in CT for people who are on Twitter too, so if you need some adult company while H is in the office and the kids are schooling, I'll hook you up with some links ;)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I can't imagine, I'm certain that adorable photo sums it up EXACTLY! That's the thing about the holidaze, happy to see them come and go!

KatieZ said...

Wow, completely tuckered out! BTW...I love your pics, they are beautiful!

Chris said...

What a beautiful picture Karin. Glad to hear your holidays were wonderful.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Visitors are so nice
Sleep is wonderful

Firefly said...

Imagine it. You stayed home for the first time in years and we went away for the first time in years. I really missed my blogging while I was away. Maybe its time for a laptop, although the mrs will not let me sit online while camping. I felt like passing out when we gor back. Holidays (at home or away) is hard work all around.