Friday, January 16, 2009

Photostory Friday and the wuss went up the mountain

PhotoStory Friday
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I am scared of heights - no, let me clarify that. I am PETRIFIED of heights. I once had an anxiety attack on the balcony at St Paul's cathedral in London. Pathetic, I know.
Anyway. This past holiday, my family came to visit and we spent some time showing my youngest sister around Cape Town as she hasn't been since she was a toddler. We decided to just drive by the cable way going up Table Mountain as it is usually one heck of a mission to get up there during the Christmas period as it must be the #1 tourist attraction in Cape Town. I myself have never been up Table mountain due to said phobia.
When we got to the ticket office, suddenly, miraculously, there was no-one waiting in line to buy tickets! The day was quite cloudy, but then also, quite suddenly, the skies cleared and the mountain top was actually clear. My sisters both gave me the look - surely this must be a sign? I started shaking my head vigorously, muttering strange words and ridiculous excuses, but they paid me no mind. A few minutes later, my dad had bought both my sisters and I tickets.
And so we went. Not without cold sweats and short breaths, but after sitting down right in the middle of the cable car and refusing to look at the windows, I soon discovered that it was not too bad - in fact, not too bad at all!
And when we got up there, it was absolutely worth is. I will go up there every day if I could! The visibility was not great, but it was still an awesome sight too see and the atmosphere up there is something that has to be experienced. Silent and magical. It was a priceless experience and I am so glad that I got to share it with my two sisters.

Saw this little Dassie (sorry, only know the Afrikaans name, what on earth is a Dassie in English?), waiting around for something to eat.

My baby sister

And this is Bloukous, the other sister

Cape Town, through the approaching fog


Jeanette said...

I love the view from there!
I think it's a rock rabbit, but we all call them dassies ;)

Ann said...

Brave you, and what a great series of pictures, what a view, its breathtaking. what do they say feel the fear and do it anyway-(great book), glad you did to get these great shots, I love that little flower in the rocks. :0)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh Karin, these are mesmerizing. ESPECIALLY that dassie (LOVE THAT word).

You have the most fascinating vantage points in these!

Marcelle said...

There lots of Dassies up there - also only know the afrikaans name...
The photo's you took are stunning...very different from the usual ones you see from the top...
But now am even more homesick...I always call Table Mountain MY mountain!!!
Thanks so much for sharing - went up the mountain about 4 years ago!

Firefly said...

See, anything is possible. And a photographer living in Cape Town (or in Somerset West) without anything taken from Table Mountain in their portfolio can really be called a photographer. Of hoe sĂȘ ek? Time to plan the return journey on a clear day. I just love it on top of the mountain. Endless photo opportunities.
And just for those who have been wondering, dassie is a Rock Hyrax.

Chris said...

Way to conquer your fears! Those pictures are AMAZING -- I love that last one!
As for the animal, I've never seen one before, so we'll go with Dassie.

BlouKous said...

Well apart from your shot of me as I said before they are all superb, but I especially like the one of the little yellow flower. It fascinates me how we can see the world the same and yet so differently.