Monday, October 6, 2008

It's Monday and I'm feeling wild!

As I mentioned yesterday, we spent the weekend at Lindani game farm in the Limpopo province. The farm is well stocked with a large variety of animals and many of them are not shy at all! We took a daily walk around the farm, while the children tore down the dirt roads on their bicycles. Even though I have lived in Africa all my life and have had countless opportunities to view game, I still find it awe inspiring to be able to actually walk in the veld together with these wild animals. It really is such a privilege.

These little warthogs were very curious and could not stop themselves from coming closer for a look at the new guests. They were slightly nervous at first, but by the second day I was the nervous one as they were coming so close!

Mr and Mrs W. Hog

These giraffes also watched us with great interest as we walked by, but quickly moved farther away when we came too close.

Anyone we know?

Pretending not to notice us

Moving right along


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Jeanette said...

Love the warthogs, it sounds like such an idyllic place

Lisa said...

Look at the antlers on that Kudu! Those are too cool.

The warthogs would of scared me a little bit too LOL

BlouKous said...

Ag tog!!! Hulle is almal dan so cool!!!!! Ek is erg beindruk (weereens)

Firefly said...

I used to be a tourist guide and got to visit many game reserves countless times over the years and never got tired of it. I always look forward to see animals and get as excited as a first time visitor when I see animals.

Ann said...

Oh lucky you, What a fantastic way to spend a weekend, such a great set of shots, AMAZING !! love those Warthogs.

Perry said...

Gotta ditto in on the warthogs. Great!