Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday and I'm tired of the painters in my house!

Painters ladder

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Lisa said...

Poor thing. It'll be done soon enough, I know seems like it's never ending.

Great shots of the painters though

Jeanette said...

Absolutely stunning shots!! I love the first one.
Hope they finish soon

JO said...

I love painting! It's a good exercise!
Here's my WW. Thanks!

Ann said...

I love these shots Karin, do you put any of your work on stock photography sites, cos I think these are way too fab not to be put out into the market.
Pity me I live with a Builder, nothing gets done .....ever

Perry said...

Very cool study of painters tools! Very well done. (When all said and done just think of how nice it will all be.)

Firefly said...

Look at it this way. At least the painter's tools make for good photographic subjects.

I know exactly how you feel. We had a bathroom totally redone some time ago and the two weeks became three but felt like six. Everything stays dirty and dusty. But like Perry says, just think what it will be like when they're done.