Monday, October 13, 2008

New week, new look

Still playing around in Photoshop, experimenting to find a new look for my images. Tried a few different framing techniques and inserted text in different fonts. I'm not totally convinced that this is what I'm after, so it will probably change again. After struggling with something for a few hours I tend to lose perspective anyway and it's then best to leave if for the next day by which point some objectivity usually returns!

Textures on a palm tree
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Ann said...

Wow Karin !!! I love this, you have done a great job, very abstract feel to this,and I love your framing, I so understand about fiddling in Photoshop, it can work like a dream one day and drive you round the bend the next. I am trawling the depths of memory sticks etc today as I have spent the whole day doing accounts and now its dinner !!! so my Camera hasnt seen daylight :-(

Tabitha Blue said...

I love playing with photoshop too. Sometimes I can do way too much, and sometimes I like it over done, LOL. This looks nice though.

I have a basic lens that I use alot and a 50mm, love it. You will when you get one. I'm still hunting down a wide angle and a macro... gotta save some $$. :)

Jeanette said...

that's a brilliant shot! I've been trying to get a good one of the palm bark for ages, but you've hit the nail on the head with this one!
I like the borders, as long as you set them up as an action, it'll be doable, or else it'll take far too long.

Firefly said...

I think its time for me to get Photoshop as well and start playing myself.

Your photo is outstanding. I have trees like that and have never even considdered to go and take pics of it.

carrie said...

cool shot! i think it is always best to step back and look at it with fresh'll come when you aren't looking so hard! :-)