Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ruby Tuesday: Red is the colour of my mood!

Emma was utterly and completely impossible today. Some days she can play constructively for hours on end, and then suddenly, on days like these, she turns into a little devil! The minute I turn my back she creates a different disaster. It started off with the usual pulling out of all the drawers of my dressing table and strewing toys across the entire house but by this afternoon things got seriously out of control. She managed to take a box of corn flakes out of the pantry and dumped it all on my Persian rug after which she merrily walked all over it making sure to crush it into the fibres. I was still busy moving the vacuum cleaner out of the way when I heard Joubert shouting. Emma was standing in the lounge with a large bottle of Oros (orange squash), half of which she's already poured on the floor (fortunately not on the carpet)......AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! She then once again ran all over it, resulting in sticky little foot prints all over the floor. At the moment the two of them are sitting in the garden, digging holes in my flower beds. I've officially given up now. Henk will be home late tonight due to a work function and I wonder how I'll be able to keep my sanity through bath- and bed time. I think this calls for a glass of wine...
It's no small wonder that I actually managed to take a few quick shots today. Needless to say they have nothing to do with the kids as I'm not finding them particularly cute at this point.
Well, at least according to the rule of averages things should be better tomorrow. Unless that bastard of a Murphy decides to show his smug face in which case...if anything can go wrong....you know the rest.

Persian rug BEFORE the corn flake incident

Red patterns on a chair

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Carletta said...

Lovely pattern on the rug!
I LOVE your header!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Girl, you KNOW I totally feel ya. These shots are GORGE Karin. The DOF on these is stunning. That rug is so simply beautiful.

Jeanette said...

That rug is gorgeous, and I really LOL'ed at your post, it sounds so like the chaos in my house!

Ann said...

Great shots Karin, heres hoping for a better day for you tomorrow,

Firefly said...

At least the Oros incident did not take place on the persian rug. Then you would not have been able to call it ruby

Dianne said...

I sure do hope you have a calmer day tomorrow :)

I love the angle of your photos!

and your header is stunning

Cecily R said...

Murphy...he's a rat. I'm feeling you on the whole "I have an angel/devil kid" thing...it's exhausting!!!

The pics you caught are FAB!!!