Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby T

Finally. Some of the newborn pics from 10 days ago. For some reason I ran into several brick walls when trying to upload photos from this shoot and had all but given up. Adding to this was the fact that the client did not order any pics and I was beginning to worry that she didn't like them! Just as I was consulting the career books on possible future sources of income, I received an e mail today with a substantial order for which I am eternally grateful. My name as photographer is still standing (even if it is on a very doubtful foundation) and I had a very good day. Practically ran to the printers to get the images printed and can't wait to collect tomorrow.
About the shoot: not what I would have hoped for. Just my luck to have a three week old baby come over on the coldest day of the year. I had two heaters running at full power for half a day, but to no avail. Once the poor baby was undressed all hell broke loose and she screamed for all she was worth, completely unnerving both her parents to the extent where they were much less interested in the shoot than she (the infant) was. Tried a few quick naked shots, but soon realised that it was not to be, so got baby dressed and bundled in a blanket after which things went slightly better - but only slightly. Even my son came out of hiding to see what we were up to with the poor screaming child. Traumatised parents finally left with wailing baby and absolutely no expectations from the shoot. Fortunately were able to salvage something and they were pleasantly surprised with the end-result.
So tonight, I feel happy and content.

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