Thursday, July 3, 2008


I spent most of the day on the net - playing around with my new blog, checking out other people's blogs etc. I also had a very nice bath with my little girl. Did you ever tell yourself to concentrate on a moment to make sure that you remember it forever? I have had so many such moments with my children - precious times that I knew would pass and that I wanted to imprint on my mind forever - smells, tastes, emotions. But alas, now that I think back, the specifics have already faded. Anyway, today's bath was such a moment. Emma is so cute and that tiny little body is simply good enough to eat. I love having a little girl and sharing all the things with her that are important to a woman - like smelling shampoo and soap in the bath!
Anyway. I have never taken a self-portrait before. There was a time when my husband and I frequently took pictures of the two of us together by holding the camera at arms length, snapping away and hoping for the best! I love those pictures. But now we tend to only photograph the children. So I decided to take a pic of myself, but did not want to use the tripod and timer, so walked around the house, trying to find a suitable reflection. Took a few snaps, but kind of like this one - shot outside a window with a mirror down the corridor to create a double reflection of myself.
I also spent some time on the patio, reading Sushi for Beginners by Marian Keyes. I find her books very funny and enjoy having a chuckle by myself. Our house is cold during the winter, but the patio is wonderfully warm and sunny in the afternoons. The kids like to play there and I usually have a few minutes of peace. I took a picture of the view from the patio. We live in a new complex - half the houses are not yet finished and the view therefor is not very nice. Not to mention the constant noise and dust! I've gotten so used to it by now however, that I think I would feel uneasy in a quiet neighbourhood.
Have to watch some TV now for mindless entertainment.

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