Thursday, July 31, 2008

Moroccan Lifestyle

Moroccan Tussles

My aunt has a new business venture, importing and selling Moroccan articles. She asked me to photograph her merchandise for advertising purposes. Her goods are absolutely beautiful! If you need some inspiration for interior decorating, please visit her website, Moroccan Lifestyle - you won't be disappointed!

Moroccan ceramics

Orange flower with bee

While I was photographing a Moroccan fountain in the garden, I came across this beautiful flower (I am not the plant expert and won't display my ignorance by trying to name any flowers, but feel free to educate me!). And low and behold there was a bee sitting on said flower! Very happy to have had the opportunity (at last).

Orange flower with mate


MamaGeek said...

Wow these are beautiful shots! The texture and the composition are pure eye candy. What a fun thing to shoot I bet!

kcblog said...

As usual, Nice work! I will have to check out the Moroccan site, the patterns are awesome!