Monday, July 7, 2008

Otto and Ellie

Meet Otto and Ellie, my aunt's before-mentioned beloved bulldogs. On Sunday I had the privilege of taking their portraits. Not the same as photographing children! In fact, I quite enjoyed it. They tend to be just as uncooperative as kids, but at least they don't scream and shout or sit sulking in the corner. And even if they do sulk, they are not able to hide away behind arms or hair as children do. Otto is a very relaxed kind of guy. He will cooperate willingly as long as he is not expected to do anything too active and you have a few snacks at hand to keep him motivated. He became somewhat upset when I moved too close with the camera - something about the clicking and light flashing in his face did not sit well with his idea of a relaxed afternoon and I was reprimanded with a quick bark. Ellie on the other hand was so impressed with having the opportunity to play model for the afternoon that she could not contain her excitement! Mind you, she also found it hard to distinguish between photographing and being photographed. Her greatest desire was to get onto my lap and into my face in an attempt ( I think) to also look through the viewfinder. After much slobbering, heavy breathing and running around - from both parties - I was finally able to capture a series of interesting images and Ellie finally gave up, crawled under her pink blanket and passed out. Life is hard.

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