Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keeping up with the Jones'

Am really frustrated with inability to properly format blog. Have no clue how to upload pictures with frames, captions, watermarks etc and am annoyed to such an extent that I feel like giving up.
Had a little run-in with assistant at lab where I have my images printed as a result of photo's once again not being printed to my specifications. Got everything sorted in the end, but still feel let down somehow. Pictures taken today depicts certain aspects of the day: staring at empty planters, framing black & white photographs of the kids, reading a novel, trying to attract birds with crumbs, watching as toys migrate from toy baskets to every conceivable open space and talking to my very exhausted and exhausting four-year old about things that are very hard to learn. Will try and conquer the -what turns out to be- very complicated world of blogging tomorrow.
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